Welcome to TEEJAN

TEEJAN is a Saudi firm specialized in e-commerce, and software assessment & development. The company was established to be a strategic partner for its clients in the various stages of their technical and operational phases and to play a key role in their mission and work to reach the objectives of Vision 2030 in Saudi Arabia.

TEEJAN was founded by Mr.Talal A.Ajina, and Mr.Majed N.Aldowayan in 2016, and based in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. Both founders had past experiences in establishing companies and came from different educational backgrounds that formed TEEJAN’s basis and values. The company concentrated on hiring the top talents that are specialized experts in what they do.
The main purpose of establishing TEEJAN is to fill the void in the field of e-commerce development along with its supported services. Where we aspire to lead and push the industry to advanced levels in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Our VISION is to be one of the leading companies in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia via covering our clients needs with respect to e-commerce and development


Our MISSION is to develop a quality services over a strong and solid framework, through a team of specialists, and with local & global partners in the industry

A good Digital Presence is a must for today’s businesses, if a business doesn’t have a digital presence, then simply it doesn’t exist

Talal A. Ajina - Managing Partner

The Market

It is known that Saudi Arabia has the strongest economy in the Middle East and has all the ingredients of growth that reflect investment opportunities in various fields. With regards to the ICT sector, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia leads the market in terms of volume and expenditure on the sector, and takes the second place in the field of e-commerce in terms of volume and trading, taking into account the continued growth of subscriptions and uses of the Internet.

SAR 1 Billion
ICT Sector
SAR 1 Billion
SAR 1 Million User
Internet Users
Internet Penetration

Our Services

TEEJAN aims to provide fully integrated project services, and to reach this goal we believe that the work should be based on an in-depth assessment and a full understanding of the current situation and then range according to the technical and operational needs


We provide assessment to cover the main aspects of e-businesses which includes three main topics (Technology – Logistics – Online Payments) through a team of experts in e-business


We give brand design real value; the creative team works hard to create a special philosophy in terms of Identity and Print Design. As it reflects the message and story, we work hard to have this delivered.


We develop on solid basis through a combination between having a team of experts and a strong framework. The team is specialized in developing diverse types of e-commerce platforms, static websites, and IOS/Android apps.


We offer our advisory services in all respects which includes without limitation e-commerce operations, online payments, and logistics. As well as we provide operation as a services for our clients.

Our Work

We have worked with